Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Search for search with Search

I've tried, just for the fun of it, to search for the word "search" on different search engines to see what would come up. I was expecting Bing, Yahoo and all of the others to point me to Google right away, but surprisingly, it wasn't the case. Here are the results:
First goes Bing: (Click the image for full size)
You can see Metasearch as the first result and Yahoo as the second. Google came third. I knew Bing sucks, but at least it didn't suggested itself, so it got a bit of self awareness.
So lets check this Metasearch Bing was suggesting.
Metasearch seems to redirect me to DuckDuckGo:
DuckDuckGo is a nice search engine that combines a few others and hides your meta data from the search engine. It suggested Google in the first place... But lets save this one for last. Second place came Dogpile, another meta search engine. Bing came up third.
It suggested yet another Meta search engine on the first place This time Yahoo came second... yeah I remembered Yahoo used to be a search engine.
Even worse than the fact that Yahoo is on the first place, Google is on the bottom of the page..
Well, lets see if Yahoo is really worth the TCP connection...
Good job, Yahoo!
If you've been around the net from the early days, you must remember Hotbot. Apparently it still exists. Although no other search engine directed me there.
These results are just copied from Yahoo, aren't they :/
Ok, before I move to the grand master Google itself, lets see what does China say. After all 1 billion Chinese can't be wrong. So to Baidu we go.
Surprisingly, Baidu promotes itself (Or more surprisingly the others don't). Yahoo comes second, and Google is somewhere on the bottom (Not even in the picture).
As for Google:
Surprise, surprise!
Google counts Yahoo as qualified for "search".
Shame on you, Google!