Friday, October 23, 2009

Call waiting the feature that can't

I'm not so sure if this thing is the same all over the would, but what I'm gonna describe here is the horrors of call waiting in Israel.
From the old times in which we used to share the booties over BBSs, the times when we used to play duke3d / c&c over modem connection, and the times of the very first steps we stumbled in the new born technology that is the Internet, the call waiting was a nothing but a big pain in the $%*. I remember how everybody just looked for a way to disable this new awful feature. Today, the feature turned to be, rightfully, a great deal of laughter material for many sitcoms.
Once one chooses to use it, he can never be sure about who would show up on the other side after clicking the green button. The situation I found the most annoying is getting a call waiting while listing to the recorded messages. Not only that it's impossible Ignore the call waiting due to the fact that all the buttons on your phone are now used only for the purpose of answering the call, but if you choose to take the incoming call, you are ought to lose the last message for ever, with no chance to ever recover it. Just say "NO" to call waiting.